Who’s on When

Following is a brief outline of who’s on when. You will note their special strengths are mentioned but know that, on any given day, expert knitting help is available. Crochet help available but best by appointment with Wendy.

Come in for a quick fix or schedule a $30 private one on one session!!!!

    Susan and Pat: A great day for lace help and knitting from graphs.


    Mary and Susan or Cheryl: An all around great day for about any problem. Prior to opening, 9-11 they host Tuesdays’ Tutors…check it out on the class page. $15 for 2 hours.


    Mary and Susan: Afternoon Open Stitching..Magic Loop? Susan is the expert on that!


    Mary and Sally: Sally works on into the night for Social After Hours.


    Susan and Cheryl: Another all around great day for about any problem from Crochet to Knitting.


    Jenni with other staffers on a rotating basis. Come in to ask her about knitting on two circulars that being her preferred mode!