KAL: Shetland Beanie

Taking a break from our KAL Sweaters, this month we are delving into Fair Isle colorwork with our (new to us) Shetland Spindrift by Jamieson. This yarn is made for colorwork with its more rustic hand which helps the stitching to be more consistent. Jamieson’s of Shetland, now in the Jamieson’s 5th generation of owners, […]

Needle Felting: Pumpkins

Have you ever wondered about needle felting? Well, this is your chance to join Jim Forbes in his October class for needle felted pumpkins Needle felting it is the process of taking loose wool fiber and stabbing it repeatedly with a special needle to create friction. Eventually, the loose fibers begin to tangle and adhere […]

“Pretty Thing”

This is indeed a pretty thing, designed by Stephanie Purl-McPhee. It has an easy to read chart and is a great first lace project. Her design was created for the wee-est bit of yarn, only 20 grams! Her choice of Cashmere is stunning and just right to snug up gently around your neck to ward […]

Beginning Spinning with a Nano!

This the best thing since sliced toast! Not only is the Nano the smallest spinning wheel ever and ever so portable – it is a snap to spin with it. Often times people have difficulty coordinating hand and foot when they start spinning. This little purple electric wheel marches to its own beat. All you […]

Here Comes Santa Clause

Jim Forbes has taken to needle felting and just in time for Christmas too! Learn the technique now and give a wee little Santa to each family member or friend you “owe!” And just what is needle felting you say? You take wool fiber and aggressively tease it with a barbed needle until it actually […]

Introduction to Ridgid Heddle Weaving: Nov

If you have ever wondered if weaving is fun or just wondered what it is all about, this is the class for you! No experience required! Love it or leave it! Nancy Wilson from the Lost Art Fiber Studio will be joining us again several times over the Summer for an introduction and continuation of […]