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If you need special attention, please call 262-646-9392 to make arrangements for a Private Session (one on one for one hour $35) or attend a group session of Tuesdays’ Tutors or Finish It Fridays (2 hours for $15 in a group setting for help).

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ABC CrochetFri1-3pm9, 16, 13Wendy$50
ABC KnittingWed10-12 am7, 14, 21Susan$50
Finish it FridayFri10-12 am2, 9, 16, 23, 20Staff$15 per help session
Lizard ShawlTues1-3 pm20, 27Wendy$40
Socks on Circs: Top DownThurs6-8 pm8, 15, 22Jenni$50
Saturday Summer SweaterSat10-12 pm3, 17StaffN/C KAL
Snowflake Crochet HatMon6-812thWendy$35
Tuesday TutorsTues10-12 am6, 13, 20, 27Staff$15 per help session
Weaving with the Ridged HeddleSat10-5pm10thNancy Wilson$50 plus $15 loom rental to te
Yarn Dye WorkshopSun11-3 pm11thSusan$60 all supplies included
The ShiftSat1-3 pm17, 24, 31Jenni$50


4 Day KAL Cast on PartyVarious10-12 am4, 13, 18SusanYarn Purchase
ABC CrochetFri1-3pm12, 19, 26Wendy$50
ABC KnittingWed10-12 am10, 17, 24Susan$50
Finish it FridayFri10-12 am5, 12, 19, 26Staff$15 per help session
Papillion / Butterfly ShawlThurs1-3 pm11, 25Carol Knottcon't
Red Crochet PonchoMon6-8 pm15, 29Wendy$40
Saturday Summer SweaterSat10-12 am6, 20Sally & StaffN / C
Socks on Circs: Toe UpThurs6-8 pm11, 18, 25Jenni$50
Teardrop Crochet ShrugThurs10-3 pm11Carol Commodore$50
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Tuesday TutorsTues10-12 am2, 9, 16, 23, 30Staff$15 per help session
Weaving with the Ridged HeddleSat10-5 pm13Nancy Wilson$50 plus $15 loom rental to teacher
Wandering Ewe Extended HoursFri 26, & Sat, 27
9-6 pm
Sun 28
11 - 5 pm

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