Let’s Crochet: Mandalas

Similar to motifs and/or free form crochet, Mandalas are individual units in crochet that either expand from the center or are joined together. In this particular class, Carolyn will be exploring Mandalas on two different levels. The some of the crocheters who have been in the Free Form Class will be using  Sophie’s Garden Tutorial which […]

Crochet Pom Beanie

This project is for the adventurous or intrepid beginner who is ready to work on more advanced stitches. The fantastic Herringbone stitch makes a handsome open fabric with an amazing amount of stretch – top it with a humongous pom pom and whoever dons it will be glowing in style. Likewise, this is a universal gift […]

Woodland Hooded Wrap

Inspired by the Outlander Series This unique and versatile garment can be worn as an oversized scarf or wrap, a generous hooded wrap or as a stylish and streamlined vest that fits perfectly under a snug coat. Hooded or not – your choice! Carol will be here to help you through the combination of cables, lace, […]

Socks on Circs: Top Down

 Sometimes less is better! Do you feel like you are wrestling with a porcupine instead of knitting socks when using double point needles? Then this class is for you! Only two needles to keep track of instead of four! Learn to knit socks using the popular two-circular needle technique. This class is considered a beginner […]

Lost in Time Shawl

This is an advanced crochet pattern from Mijo Crochet. The designer chose the name because of the vintage feeling it has and also because time flies when working on this shawl This pattern is a repetition of 12 rows which means you can use any yarn or hook, customizing your shawl’s size by the number of […]

Socks on Circs: Toe UP

The Toe Up Advantage *This is not a beginning knitting project class* Turn your sock knitting skills upside down! Knitting socks from the toe up allows you the luxury of getting the absolute most out of your yarn yardage, without worrying if you’ll have enough to finish the foot. Discover how easy and smooth knitting […]

Knitting Loves Crochet: Edgings

Have you ever finished a garment or any project and thought it could use just a touch more? How about an applied crochet edging to conquer that curl or roll or simply to add a touch of elegance! In this class, Carolyn Pattituci will introduce you to the basics of crochet in the first class, […]

First Sweater

 Knit your first sweater and the baby’s first sweater in this class! Oops! No baby in your life? Think charity!!! The techniques used in this class are those you will need when knitting a sweater for yourself  and you can learn them all in only 3 weeks! Using elegant and simple construction, you will knit a […]

The Cocoknits Sweater Workshop

Katie and Sue will guide you through a sweater workshop based on the new book by Julie Weisenberger, aka Coco! In her Cocoknits Sweater Workshop, Julie Weisenberger presents a step-by-step, easy-to-follow guide plus nine new designs and quick tips for choosing and wearing sweater styles based on body proportions. Every Cocoknits Method sweater begins with the yoke […]

ABC of Crochet

  It is All Bases Covered in this class! Wendy will cover anything and everything  you have questions about regarding the craft of cochet. Start from scratch, rekindle an old hobby or get support on a current project! OR, perhaps you need guidance on what project next, given your specific knowledge base. Wendy will  help you find that […]