Christmas in July: Crochet Christmas Star

Crochet up these charming stars to add to your tree this year! You can make one or several for a garland for around the tree or down the stairs, maybe. We have kits made up with  dk cotton yarn in red, white, gold and green but you can use your scrap yarn if desired also. […]

Crochet Christmas Stocking

Learn to crochet this charming Christmas stocking with Wendy. Make it in one color for simple elegance or make the toe, heel, body or cuff in different colors for a bright holiday decoration! What grand texture is achieved with merely double crochet! Skills Required: Double Crochet Materials needed: 2 skeins of Vintage Chunky and a K […]

Christmas in July: Mini Sweater Ornaments

Knit up these tiny sweaters to decorate your tree or gift packages this year! Each sweater is tiny at 2.5 inches tall and can be made in just a few hours.  They can be made up with scrap sock yarn but we made up some special kits for you at the store with Fairy Yarnmother […]

Felted Geode

Susan once again is playing with soap, friction and fiber! This time she is recreating a freak or force of nature: a Geode! You have seen the rather nondescript rocks that, once they are broken or cut in two, become a glorious show of color, crystals and wonder? They are hard to find and quite […]

Felted & Beaded Bracelet

No knitting or weaving involved! In the first 2 hour class, taught by Susan, you will learn the process of wet felting fibers together into a fabric that can be manipulated and cut to size. You will love the movement of your hands and the feel of the wool fibers as they respond to soapy water to create the […]

Tool Box Hat

By using our little GumBalls by Knitted Wit you can create this wonderfully colorful hat with its unique square top and tassel! No decreasing necessary here! It takes 5 coordinating colors each morphing into the next color with the use of this very fun 8 row Diamond Tweed pattern. You may buy the pattern alone at knitch […]

Kumihimo Braiding

For the first time ever, knitch will be offering a two session class in Kumihimo Braiding. In our first class we will make a necklace using fibers and beads. In our second class we will finish off our necklaces and create a fully beaded bracelet. We will be using a round foam Kumihimo disc and […]


Kumihimo Definition

Kumihimo is a braiding technique that is used in the making of long decorative strands. These cords are used in a variety of decorative ways. Some people wear them as bracelets or necklaces. Others use them as functional laces or simply let them swing free. Basic strands are made by looping thread through the fingers […]

Gnomes with Jenni

Gnomes! Adorable! Who can resist these little fellas? Quick and fun to knit, they enchant everyone! We dare you to make just one. Knit in six easy pieces and stuffed with polyfil, these gnomes are perfect portable Summer knitting. Pattern: “Couple of Gnomes” by Tetyana Korobkova (available in-store from Ravelry individually, or as part of […]