About Us

about us

At knitch our goal is to inspire you! We are passionate about our crafts–with a combined total of over 350 years of knitting and crocheting experience, our friendly staff is ready at all times to answer questions, to offer advice, and to assist you with your project.

It is our mission to provide quality materials, superb support and intelligent instruction across generational lines in a tranquil, but joy filled environment.

Our shop is divided in two rooms. The front room is packed with colorful yarns of most every composition possible. It is from here that you will find the inspiration for your knitting and crocheting by looking at the many store samples that hang on the wall and adorn the lady forms on the floor. You can browse books which range from strictly patterns, to stitch design, to resource tutorials, to the history of knitting in this country as well as others. We also have several binders that are full of single patterns by various designers where you can find just the right one for your skill level. There is a customer computer too where you may browse Ravelry at your leisure. We also offer purchasing and printing at the front desk. For the functional knitter and crocheter we have a wide assortment of the necessary tools and accouterments for the discerning crafter, perhaps yourself or another!

The shop’s back room buzzes with instruction and camaraderie. There are two large tables for classes which are held both day and night, and a cozy sofa and arm chair area for more relaxed gatherings. You may find a scheduled session of miscellaneous crafters on some afternoons and evenings where we all share our projects and tips or you may find a solitary stitcher just doing his or her thing in peace and quiet. Any and all are welcome to come at anytime.

knitch has staff members which specializes in teaching all levels of knitting and crochet to both young and old, novice or experienced. Any one of our staff of eight  is ready to help with that quick fix or knarrely problem at the drop of a stitch.   For more involved problems, many customers turn to a one-on-one personal training session for a reasonable fee where they are able to tailor the instruction to their special problem or project.

We are ever searching for ways to help you and the environment too. We are learning more and more about sustainability and are continually adding more eco-friendly yarns, perhaps made in the USA, fair trade items, and working on best practices for the entire shop. Each step is a step toward a healthier environment.

Do come see us and indulge yourself or just call to learn more about us, our products and our programs.

And, keep on with your craft!

We are members of:

Delafield Chamber of Commerce