Beginning Spinning with a Nano!

This the best thing since sliced toast! Not only is the Nano the smallest spinning wheel ever and ever so portable – it is a snap to spin with it.

Often times people have difficulty coordinating hand and foot when they start spinning. This little purple electric wheel marches to its own beat. All you need to do is adjust it to the speed at which you are most comfortable. No foot action required at all!

Full-sized yarn fresh from the Nano by Susan

All you need to do is simply gently hold the fiber and feed it to the Nano and presto YARN! Well, almost presto….Susan will be giving you all the guidance and tips to make you a successful spinner.

The store provides the Nano for you to use with an option to purchase. One specially designed (by Susan) batts for ease of spinning will also be provided. Additional batts may be purchased.

Monday / 1-5 pm / 16th