Crochet Stitches, Cables & Altering Patterns

Stitches, Cables and Pattern Changes in Crochet, Dec 5th, 1-3 pm

Some stitches, especially cables, need a crocheter that can see and understand the many parts of a crochet stitch. Identifying the structure of a crochet stitch can be mindboggling to the beginner. Carol will help you see the parts of the stitch that makes it work.

During this particular workshop, Carol will also delve into making alterations in patterns to suit your individual requirements.

Come and start a beautiful capelet with cables and any other stitches you would love to incorporate in your design.

Skills Required: This is not a beginning Crochet Class and basic crochet stitches must already be in your tool box!!

Skills Learned: Reading crochet stitches / making crochet cables / redesigning patterns

Materials Needed: Worsted or DK yarn and hooks appropriate for yarn.

December 5th / 1-3 pm / Carol Commodore / $40