“Pretty Thing”

This is indeed a pretty thing, designed by Stephanie Purl-McPhee. It has an easy to read chart and is a great first lace project.

Her design was created for the wee-est bit of yarn, only 20 grams! Her choice of Cashmere is stunning and just right to snug up gently around your neck to ward off the winter chills. The finished cowl measures little more than 7″ tall and 14″ in circumference for a nice warm fit.

Skills Required: Knitting in the round, knit and purl stitches
Skills Learned: Lacework with yarn overs, knitting through the back, chart reading
Materials Required: Pattern available at knitch, 16″ circular needle, 25 oz of fine, soft, drapey yarn (preferably Cashmere)

February / Tuesday / 11, 17 / 10-12