Socks on Circs: Top Down

 Sometimes less is better!

Do you feel like you are wrestling with a porcupine instead of knitting socks when using double point needles? Then this class is for you! Only two needles to keep track of instead of four!

Learn to knit socks using the popular two-circular needle technique. This class is considered a beginner sock class, however, basic knitting skills are required.

The pattern which is provided in class is cuff-down, using a traditional heel and toe. Due to time constraints, in class, Jenni uses worsted weight yarn so the learning experience is clear, easy to grasp and far faster than using traditional sock weight yarn.


  • Worsted weight yarn: 2 skeins Simpliworsted
  • 2, 24″ circular needles, size 5

Thursday                    6 to 8 pm

December 5, 12, 19

For us to guarantee a positive result, materials for this project must be purchased per the instructors direction. 

All materials for the class are discounted 10%.