Garage Sale 2019 Complete Guidelines

knitch Customer Garage Sale 2019

LINKS for Printing Documents:    GS Inventory Sheet 19 

&    GS Guidlines 19

Why a Garage Sale?

  • Reduce…reuse…repurpose…your outgrown knitting/crocheting stuff. Pass it on!
  • Support your local yarn store and your fellow knitters and crocheters.
  • Support your yarn passion: You earn dollar-for-dollar in-store credit at knitch for everything you sell in the Customer Garage Sale. In Store Credit will be given to you on your personal account – dollar for dollar!
  • You may choose to have unsold items returned to you or donated to local charities

Guidelines for Participation:

  • Gather your knitting and crocheting-related items. Acceptable items include: yarn, knitting needles, crochet hooks, patterns, pattern books, and accessories such as stitch holders, knitting bags, needle cases, etc. Items must be clean and in good condition.
  • Tag each item securely. (Stickers are available at knitch.) Write on the tag:
    • Your initials in CAPITAL LETTERS followed by #1, 2, 3 etc. (Example: Nita Knitter’s items would be numbered NK1, NK2, NK3 etc.)
    • The price you would like to receive for the item.
    • Place multi-pieced items in a securely sealed clear plastic bag
  • Fill out the inventory sheet  found at this link:   GS Inventory Sheet 19   Fill out the three left-hand columns of each sheet, listing your items in numerical order. For example, Nita Knitter’s items might be listed
    • NK1    3 skeins pink wool         $6.00
    • NK2    1 skein Rowan Lima     $1.00
    • NK3    mixed bag cotton           $2.00

Proceeds from Garage Sale: All proceeds from the garage sale will go onto the computer on your account. Items purchased with Garage Sale Proceeds are not eligible for Rewards.

Check In: If you choose to have unsold items returned to you rather than donated, staff will check you in comparing your inventory list with what you are selling. Otherwise, just drop your items and signed paperwork off. Sorry we are unable to return needles & notions.


June 14-16: Collection and check-in of Garage Sale items. Bring your properly- tagged Garage Sale items and completed inventory sheets to knitch during regular business hours. No collections will be accepted after Sunday, June 16

June 21-23: Shop the Garage Sale during regular business hours. Cash or check only.

June 28-28: Post-sale organization period. Please wait until June 29 for results.  We will call you as soon as we have finished collating the data

June 29-July 1: Pick up: If you don’t want your items returned, you may opt (at check-in) to have us donate your unsold items to a knitting-related charity. No needles or notions will be returned to customers.

Unclaimed Garage Sale items that are not picked up by close of business Monday July 1 at 5:00 PM will be donated


The Customer Garage Sale takes place outside the knitch computer-based Rewards Program. Therefore:

  • Garage Sale purchases do not earn Rewards points.
  • Garage Sale Proceeds cannot be used to earn Rewards points