Socks on Circs: Toe UP

The Toe Up Advantage

*This is not a beginning knitting project class*

Turn your sock knitting skills upside down!

Knitting socks from the toe-up allows you the luxury of getting the absolute most out of your yarn yardage, without worrying if you’ll have enough to finish the foot.

Discover how easy and smooth knitting a toe-up sock on two circular needles really is.

The class sock will incorporate a Turkish Cast on, a traditional wedge toe, and a new and amazing heel called the Fish Lips Kiss Heel which is a great improvement on the traditional wrap-and-turn technique.

Join us and turn your socks “upside down!”

toe up sock


  • 2 skeins HiKoo Simpliworsted
  • 2 circular US 5 24″ needles

Mar 12, 19, 26
May 7, 14, 21

For us to guarantee a positive result, materials for this project must be purchased per the instructors direction. 

All materials for the class are discounted 10%.