Rowan’s 40th Birthday Party

Stephan Sheard and Simon Cockin founded the Rowan brand in 1978. Their first home was in the Yorkshire village of Huddersfield and located above a grocery store. The gentlemen shared a deep regard for British fibers and the countryside of Yorkshire and named their company Rowan which is the name of the prolific mountain ash which dots the hillsides. To learn more, this a wonderful article about Rowan’s history on the occasion of their 30th Anniversary.

So, in honor of Rowan’s great tradition, we will be hosting a birthday party on Sunday October 21 from 1-3. (Fear not, it is a Packer by-week! We have you covered!)

We will be serving beverages and a traditional Red Velvet Anniversary cake in honor of their Ruby Anniversary!

Also for your enjoyment we will be deep discounting Rowan Pure Wool SW and DK as well as offering a 10% discount on anything Rowan. This discount will also apply to the new Rowan Anniversary book and Magazine 64