Felted Geode

Susan once again is playing with soap, friction and fiber!

This time she is recreating a freak or force of nature: a Geode!

You have seen the rather nondescript rocks that, once they are broken or cut in two, become a glorious show of color, crystals and wonder? They are hard to find and quite undependable, but not so with Susans!

With a little imagination and ingenuity you can make your own soft geode to gift to someone or adorn your table. You will create the heart of the geode then carefully wrap it layer by layer with wool, whilst gently urging the fibers together with water and soap and a little elbow grease.

You may make your geode solid (a pin cushion?) or hollow to be later adorned with beads and glitter.

Just another afternoon of fun!

Wednesday  September 19   3-5 pm

Supplies included in price of class