Felted & Beaded Bracelet

No knitting or weaving involved!

In the first 2 hour class, taught by Susan, you will learn the process of wet felting fibers together into a fabric that can be manipulated and cut to size. You will love the movement of your hands and the feel of the wool fibers as they respond to soapy water to create the fabric.  Knitch will provided you with different pre-felts and contrasting wool to decorate your fabric before beading in the second class.

In the second 1 hr class, taught by Debbie, you will learn to strengthen the felt and embroider the piece with beads and/or buttons to end up with a unique piece of wearable art.


  • Wool used for the felted band is included in class price.
  • Beading and buttons provided by Deb will be purchased directly from her and priced accordingly  ~$5.00


Tuesday    *  July 19   *     2-4 pm      &    Tuesday    *     July  26    *    12-1 pm