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It’s A Family Thing


I pulled my favorite sweatshirt out of the dryer (it is actually the only sweatshirt I own) and while putting it over my head I recalled an incident from over the summer.

I was on the boat to Isle Royale up in Lake Superior and since it was early in the morning and even a bit chilly during the summer, I had on my only sweatshirt…it’s purple with a hoodie and pouch.  When I looked up a woman was staring at my chest (I figured it was girl envy) but then her lips started to move.  She was reading the front of my shirt and jumped up to grab the camera from her husband.  “My daughter just has to have at least a picture of your shirt…it’s SO her!  Where did you get it?”  I told her I didn’t really remember but I thought she could take it to the Google and find it.  She continued taking my picture and giggling.  I was glad I could provide some humor.

This is what my purple sweatshirt with a hoodie and a pouch says, “I just want to knit and drink coffee and take naps”.

I remain surprised and fascinated by the way fiber and hand arts draw people and “knit” them together.  All kinds of people.  Introverted math-loving people…extroverted bright color-lovers and everyone in between.

To share a passion that never seems to run dry of new techniques, the latest yarn, an eye catching pattern…to teach and inspire…to rejoice in understanding and in the completion of a project…all this continues to delight me and supply me with a rich fiber family of choice.

I could happily spend the rest of my life knitting, drinking coffee and taking naps.