Garage Sale

knitch’s 7th annual Garage Sale 2017

recycle_logo_copycollection: June 16-18 during store hours

sale: June 23-25 during store hours

So why a Garage Sale?

  • Reduce…reuse…re-purpose your outgrown knitting and crochet “stuff”….Pass it on!
  • Support your local yarn store and your fellow knitters and crocheters
  • Support your yarn passion: you earn dollar of dollar in-store credit at knitch for everything you sell in the Customer Garage Sale. You sell $25 worth of “stuff” you don’t want and you get $25 of store credit on your account.

Please seek out the complete Garage Sale procedures here.

Inventory sheet for printing is available here

And we will have some of our own “stuff” for sale too! Don’t miss out!