Tuesdays’ Tutors


a helping hand is always welcome…..

We always wonder how to better serve YOUR needs, and we think you will find interesting and helpful. It is rather a cross between a 3 week class (six hours $50) and private sessions (1 hour $30)…..

On Tuesdays, Mary and staff will be hosting a collaborative event to which you are invited.

Bring any project to work on or a problem that has stumped you and we will help you over the hump and keep your momentum going

No long term commitment is necessary on your part but a quick call ahead to say you are coming is required.

The session will run from 9 to 11 ( 10-12 starting September ) each Tuesday and will cost $15 per session.

The gathering will be notable with refreshments, knitting trivia and tips, and as always, help on your projects.

Image of "Knit and let knit" tote

(Fringe Supply Company “Knit and Let Knit” tote available at knitch)

Class Cost : $15 per session with phone ahead reservation

Dates: Tuesdays 

Refreshments served

Call: 262-646-9392 to register