Drop Spindle Spinning

Drop Spindles had been used for thousands of years prior to the invention of the spinning wheel. Then, suddenly, the process sped up mightily while utilizing the same technique.

Ever been tempted to learn spinning and create your own beautiful yarns?  Well, learning to handle a drop spindle is an excellent first step in the learning curve and at a minimal expense.

Susan Forbes will start you out on pencil roving wool which will allow you to master the spin of the drop spindle. In the second class she will move you on to actual roving where you begin to draft (pulling a small amount of fibers from a fiber supply to be twisted into yarn) your own fiber to the spindle. In the thrid class she will deal with the setting of your yarn.

Skills Required:

  • Love of yarn and fiber

Skills Taught:

  • Drafting to drop spindle


  • Drafting Spindle – $5 rental applied to purchase if you so desire
  • Pencil Roving provided free
  • Fiber braids –

March   *    Monday    *     13, 20, 27    *    10-12 pm    *    Susan    *     $50